Two Tough Days

Just a brief one today.  The last couple days have been hard ones to keep at it – I had training all day at work yesterday, which was stupid on several levels, and then a meeting taking up most of the day today, which was about as fun as it sounds.  Anyway I did not arrive home in a writing mood, to say the least, and seriously thought about just giving myself the night off, tonight especially.

However I didn’t, and I’m glad I didn’t, because one thing I know I am good at is making excuses, and once I start finding reasons not to write on a particular day I will probably find a lot of them.  Basically, then, this is just a check in to affirm that I am still banging away at this thing and that the process of writing EVERY day seems to be working.  I think if I take it back to just writing SOME days I will really get in the mud.

Now I’m not sure whether anything I wrote today or yesterday is even slightly good but I’m not sure that’s the point.  Even if I end up rewriting those points entirely I kept the momentum going and kept building the base to work from.

I guess in the end I kind of want to say yay for me, lame as that is.

Word Count: 26, 319  (yay for me)

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