Give to me your advises

Ok, here’s something I haven’t done before, but I figure at least a few of you are reading this thing and if you have any thoughts on this issue I would appreciate them.

As I write this thing, I have a bit of an issue:  There’s a character who was originally conceived to be fairly minor, and in fact I have almost written all the scenes in which he was scheduled to appear.  The ‘problem’, if that’s what it is, is this: first of all the character is fun to write, and second, at least one of the Eager Volunteers has so far indicated that he is (thus far) their favorite.

Should I rework the thing to give this character a bigger role?  The main risk I see there (aside from having to rework the plot to accommodate it of course) is that he may not continue to be as appealing – for me or readers – in larger doses.  Possibly I should just file him away for later use in other places.

Anyway it’s a nice problem to have, I guess, and writing another of his scenes got me through the two days I complained about last time, so that was a good deal.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts or experience to share, I would be grateful.


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4 thoughts on “Give to me your advises

  1. elvishefer says:

    Save him/her/it for the sequel.

    It is a trilogy, right? Hollywood will like it better if it is. 😉

  2. JP says:

    I agree. sometimes short appearances are what make some characters great. Leaving the reader wanting a little more isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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