Ray Bradbury

Sad news today of the death of Ray Bradbury, who is surely one of the titans of fantastic writing from recent years.  Even people who ‘don’t read SF’ have often read some of his work, or at the very least can reference Fahrenheit 451.  I remember watching a film adaptation of Something Wicked This Way Comes in grade school and while it didn’t terrify me, it did creep me out for days.  Bradbury’s gift for story was immense, and I can’t really do proper justice to it, but I will say that few images from anything that I have ever read have stuck with me the way that Mr. Yll and his gun that shoots horrible golden bees has.

It’s always sad when a great storyteller leaves us, if for no other reason than selfishly thinking about the tales we might still have gotten.  I hope those for whom this is a personal loss are at least somewhat comforted by the immense accomplishments of a life well lived, and by the gifts he gave to readers and dreamers everywhere.  For the rest of us, I guess the good part is that his stories will continue to inspire and entertain, for Bradbury’s creations give every sign of being immortal.  For what it’s worth I thank Ray Bradbury for sharing his prodigious imagination with us all.

Tangentially, I continue to be amazed (although I shouldn’t be at this point) at how instantly the ‘is’ on someone’s Wikipedia page turns to ‘was’.  The reaction time on the internet is crazy fast, and I’m not always convinced that’s a good thing.

I was going to write something about the project today but I think I’ll leave it for another update.  Chunk #2 is out to the Eager Volunteers though, and the work proceeds.


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