40 degrees and 40,000 words

Not sure what to write for an entry today as I do an update on the progress of the project.  It is ungodly hot here today, which makes me very glad that the main work I will be doing is writing.  It occurs to me how generally fortunate I am to have writing back in my life again – it is easily portable to a variety of weather conditions, but also I feel very lucky to have the time to play around with my imagination and try and do things with words for a while again.

I still feel pretty rusty with it all but it’s not in ways that I can coherently describe in a blog entry.  I have a nagging sense that there should be a better way of expressing certain things, or a more elegant way of getting an idea across, though.  It’s possible that’s just Statler and Waldorf lurking in the background, though.

I’ve done my first significant edit to something the Eager Volunteers have seen – first of all we’ll see if it helped that troubled scene or not, but I guess we’ll also see how I do with this editting thing.  I’ve already written about my issues with growing dislike for my own writing, so I won’t belabour it again, but I’m a little unsure how that’s going to synergize with the editorial process.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit today so I’ll cut it here and try to do better the next time.

I will also just briefly go ‘yay, me’ for hitting 40,000 words, which is one of the longest things I have yet written, fiction or non-fiction.

Word Count: 40,358


p.s. WordPress reminds me that this is lucky post #13, so no wonder it has issues.  I feel much relieved. 😛

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