Cause of delay: Vincent Van Gogh

Blog update is a little late today (again!) in part because I spent some time at the art gallery where there is a really good exhibit this summer.  One of the things that really struck me is how rapidly this work was produced.  Obviously writing and painting are very different sorts of endeavour but I certainly can’t imagine working at that kind of speed.  Maybe that’s the difference between someone who is really devoted to their art and someone who is just screwing around.

Speaking of which:

Word Count: 55,521


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4 thoughts on “Cause of delay: Vincent Van Gogh

  1. JP says:

    55 thousand plus words doesn’t sound like screwing around to me

  2. emaymustgo says:

    Way to spoil the surprise.

    I guess ‘screwing around’ is maybe harsher than I should have put it, but I still don’t know how sustainable this is.

  3. Laura says:

    Never mind that Van Gogh was mentally ill while you, my friend, are merely unstable.

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