Short update for a long weekend

No complaining this time I swear.  It is the Canada Day long weekend here which of course provides many distractions but has also (so far) been amenable to writing.  Now I have kept Things Political off this blog but you don’t need much imagination to know that there are problems with the way things are currently run in the country, but overall, I have to say that I feel extraordinarily fortunate to live where I do.  I can read essentially what I please without being hassled about it.  I can write basically whatever rambling b.s. strikes my fancy without having to worry about getting my door kicked in.  As much as I made a to-do about the weather a while ago I never have to worry about the basics of life, and I even live in a place where a military plane circling overhead for the better part of an hour is not a cause for alarm.  (It was dropping skydivers, practicing for Sunday I guess)

I live in a good place, and I’m very fortunate.

Happy Canada Day.


Word Count: 61,468.  ayuh.

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