It’s Done??

No, it isn’t.

However, I have reached the lower end of that ‘ideal length’ for a novel (70,000 words) and so that got me to thinking about whether the book (as I guess I can now call it) feels like it is finished, or not.  The first and obvious answer is that it doesn’t – there are several scenes that are not done at all (you can tell on account of the notes that say ‘write better dialogue later’, and so on) and so there is still work to do here (leaving editing temporarily out of the equation).

More importantly, even though the thing isn’t finished, it is starting to feel like it is in the ballpark of getting finished.  Most of the major plot points are there.  I have written the beginning, some junk in the middle, and the end.  I need to flesh some parts out, and I’m sure I will need to clean up a lot of continuity messes, but there is (I think) the framework of the story established.  I’m pretty pleased with it.

My ‘don’t write things in order’ method is kind of coming back to haunt me at this stage, and makes it a little more difficult to assess the level of ‘doneness’.  I have a bunch of scenes written that are not in their correct place and some that I don’t exactly know where they will go in the story, yet, just that they need to be in there someplace.  For that reason I think the next major task needs to be moving all the bits n’ pieces around and trying to spackle and stitch them into place.

All of this before Statler and Waldorf get too much louder, of course.

Anyway, it’s not done, but it does have the feel of something that might one day be done, at least.


Word Count: 72,011

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One thought on “It’s Done??

  1. elvishefer says:

    NIce! Maybe by the time you fill in all the connecting bits you’ll have a trilogy on your hands…

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