Back Home

And we’re back.

I spent a lovely few days in the north(ish) part of Ontario and it did (as usual) kind of recharge the batteries. I got to see family I hadn’t for a long while, which is always good. I got to walk through my storehouse of memories, visiting places I have long history with. I got my bow on. I listened to partridge in the leaves, met my uncle’s pig, and heard the wind in the poplars. A raven had something it really wanted me to hear, although I don’t know what it was. Sorry, raven.

I built campfires. I have forgotten nearly everything the Boy Scouts tried to teach me, but fire-building seems to have stuck. I find being out in the countryside peaceful overall, but there’s something especially soothing, to me, about building a fire. You go through the process of gathering the wood and kindling you’ll need, setting it up right, and then gradually feeding the small flames you start with, until you have a nice crackly-snappy woodsmokey blaze. Nothing too big. Just something that can make you feel warm, if you need to. You can look for answers in the flames, or cook your lunch over them if you wanted to. For once I am not going to wonder why this relaxes me. I’m just glad I had the chance to do it.

I should probably get a place with a fireplace.

I spent that my time away not fretting about whatever problems I have at the moment. That was good too. The problems are still there, but being able to take a step back is good. There are things that aren’t going so hot, just at the moment. On the other hand, writing is going pretty well, so I’m going to try to focus my energy there. The ideas are coming and writing makes me happy. I can’t do just that, but getting behind something that is working well makes sense to me.

Sometimes I just need that time out, that break in the pattern, to make a decision. Maybe the quiet helps.

As much as I like getting out of the city and spending time in the wilderness(y) parts of the world, I’m not sure I could live there all the time. Sometimes the idea of moving to a cabin in the woods and refusing to see anyone sounds very appealing. I suspect the allure would rub off, after a while. But I’m very glad to have the opportunity to go and experience the change, or the contrast, for a while.  Then, it’s always good to come home, surround myself with books and cats and get back to it, refreshed or recharged or whatever we’ll call it.

I still don’t know what that raven was trying to say.

Gonna go try to find out.

Write write write.

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4 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Matt says:

    Fire I think hits some kind of primal nerve in our brains. When I was incredibly sad last year, I used to light my diesel heater and watch the flame as I fell asleep.

  2. sanne says:

    I have no experience of making a fire out in the forest. But we have a nice little fireplace at home since a couple of years. I love making fires in it, and I love to sit and watch the flames and later when it’s just burnt wood kind of blinking in red.

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