So I’m hoping this will be a big week for me. Over the last month or so, I’ve been working two jobs (which is good in some ways) but, as I’ve complained about previously, it got very difficult to find time for writing in there and I’ve honestly not done much of anything. In a probably-not-unrelated story, I have also gotten derailed in getting in to the gym and doing my weight training.

The two situations seem to me to have a lot of similarities. Both activities (writing and working out) are objectively good things to do, and both of them make me feel good when I do them. Both require a certain amount of time, and a minimum level of energy (or I guess a maximum level of fatigue) to start or there’s no point in doing them. Both are things that I am trying to make a long term commitment to and have as a continuous part of my life.

So there’s been a bit of a blip, or two blips, depending how connected whether both these interruptions are part of the same problem. I think they are; my work schedule really ballooned up in a way I wasn’t prepared for and I didn’t adapt to it very well. I’m trying not to kick myself about it too hard. These things happen to most people and while I wish I’d written 30,000 words in the past month there’s no point expending energy ripping myself up about it now. I did what I probably needed to do to handle the work situation and what’s important now is what I do going forward.

One of the jobs is ending this week (which, as ever, is both good and bad) and so this is an opportunity to refocus on what is important and get back into good habits. I’ve set up an appointment with my trainer to change up my program a little and get a fresh start. I’m going to get back at the project I wrote a bit of last summer before deciding it was a better idea to do Bonhomme Sept-Heures. The ideas have been slow in coming and I think the first thing to do is to re-read what I wrote and remind myself why I thought it was a cool story to begin with. I think I can do 10,000 words by the end of the month and I’m setting that as a kind of provisional goal. The main thing is to start writing again.

In both cases, just refocus on what needs to be done, and get back to doing it. It’s both as easy as it sounds and (of course) far more difficult, but a lot of things are that way.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week. I think that while we should try to have good habits all the time and be consistent in doing the things that are important to us and for us, we’ve also got to recognize that we’re probably going to fumble the ball from time to time, and be basically ok with that. It happens. Pick it up and refocus.

That’s my job this week. Good luck with yours.


We’re about a month out from the Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston! I’m very excited to be attending for the first time this year, participating in some of the discussions and meeting people who love writing and reading about fantastic things. Renaissance Press is coming and I will be hanging out at their table at least some of the time, and enjoying what should be a great weekend of soaking up awesome literature the entire time.

You should come too! Check out the website and register here.

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