Over the past few days, the river here has flooded. It is supposed to crest sometime tomorrow, and so far my neighbourhood has stayed mostly dry, but there’s also an advisory out for heavy rainfall, so it’s still not entirely clear how that’s going to work out. Several places not far from where I live have already been less fortunate, and so have communities scattered all over in Bracebridge, Huntsville, Pembroke, and Kashechewan, a Cree reserve which has flooded every spring for the past 17 years.

(We should do something about that. My neighbourhood got the army called in to help.)

There’s something implacable about a flood. The water level keeps going up, and there isn’t anything that can be done about it. The primary means of defense is still a wall of sandbags, which seems like it should be heavily obsolete by now, but isn’t. And, even if you build your wall, ultimately it just may not be up to the challenge. You prepare as best you can, and in the end you hope it’s enough.

I think it’s a tough feeling for many of us, these days, when we are used to so much of our life being amenable to our control. We don’t have to deal with things that simply aren’t all that often, and I don’t think we’re particularly well set-up to handle them. As I said on Twitter, times like this make it really easy for me to understand why recourse to the idea of a higher power has been so popular – it provides at least some sense that there is something to be done about your situation, even if that something is just to ask for help.

Many times, things happen in our lives that are not our fault and not under our control. We just have to ride it out. I hope everyone out there having a tough spring for whatever reason finds the waters receding soon.

If you came here expecting a reaction to Avengers: Endgame, boy are you reading the wrong blog. Patience.

Thanks for reading.

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