Here’s some places on the intertron I figure are worth your time. If you have any suggestions for stuff I should add, do let me know!

My friend Jeremy Buehler’s photography portfolio/blog.

The website for Can*Con, the speculative fiction convention in Ottawa that I help organize.

Ottawa author and sometimes lethal weapon S.M. Carriere’s blog.

The website of Ottawa author and fellow Can*Con-eer Brandon Crilly.

The Earth Impact Simulator, which you absolutely should not miss.

The website for Nathan Frechette, an author, artist and graphic designer in Ottawa.

The website for Limestone Genre Expo, a Kingston-based con for writers and readers of genre fiction.

Jay Odjick’s website: Writer, Artist, TV producer, inspirational all-round dude.

The Ottawa Writers Circle is a wonderful community and also how I ultimately found:

My publishers at Renaissance Press.

Rohit Saxena’s photography portfolio and blog.  This man can even make pictures of me that look good!

This thing generates algorithmically-grown pseudo-medieval city plans that are pretty rad.  No, you shouldn’t take them seriously.

I plan to keep adding to this list as I remember more websites that I think you should check out.  If I’ve linked to your page and you’d like it removed, just let me know.

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