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Broadcasts from the Wasteland

So, this past week I have been fighting a virus and busier than I would like to be at work, and am therefore struggling for content. As a result, I’m going to tell you about the podcast I’m helping make. I didn’t actually get clearance from my broadcast partner Brandon Crilly for this, but what the heck, we’re in ‘soft launch’ territory, it’s either that or my year-late take on Infinity War, and if he wants to fight me I’ll get germs all over him.

So, podcast? Yeah, that’s what I thought. A while back my good friend and fellow author Brandon came up to me and said he wanted to start making one. I thought it was a good idea: Brandon is a great conversationalist and is quickly becoming a deft hand at interviewing. “I want you to be on it,” he said.

Wait, what?

This was unexpected. I mean, I’m always delighted to have a chance to talk with Brandon, and I always find our conversations interesting. I had just never thought about recording them. He explained that what he wanted to do was have the two of us sit down with two other creative people, and have a free-roaming chat about whatever was on our collective mind.

It sounded like a great idea. That idea – mostly through the perseverance of the aforementioned Brandon – has now become a full season of a podcast called Broadcasts from the Wasteland, which we have just soft-launched. The whole process has been very educational, at times a little freaky, and now that the end product(s) are starting to emerge, it’s exciting in that way of, say, diving from a considerable height. Some admixture of fun and terror.

You can listen to our ‘Episode 0’ chat right now at our website here, you can find us on Spotify as well, and although we are not yet up on iTunes, it’s coming. I’m truly very excited to see what people make of Broadcasts from the Wasteland, and I’m very grateful to Brandon for beaming me aboard this lunatic ship.

Thank you for reading, and for listening.

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